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Brendan D'Cruz at DBT Enterprises Ltd


DBT Enterprises Ltd was established in 2000 as Death By Training Ltd, at which time the company specialised exclusively in Murder Mystery training events adapted for leadership and management development purposes. We have since changed our trading name and expanded our activities to include project management services, education consultancy services, event development services (including leisure, entertainment, charitable, sports, heritage) and bespoke charitable/social enterprise activities often working with or on behalf of other providers.


The company ethos is 'to educate, entertain and engage'. To that end, we have:


• Facilitated 'entertaining' management development events including Murder Mystery role play to build individual or organisational capability such as creativity, innovation, team building, negotiation and resolving conflict.


• Organised charity balls, birthday parties, Halloween parties, promotional events, celebrations and wedding receptions.


• Delivered a range of successful fundraising/awareness raising events.


• Advised independent educational institutions design, develop, validate and deliver new or franchised academic courses.


• Provided professional marking services relating to Business Information Management for an accounting professional body.


• Raised funds and awareness of charities, social enterprises and other causes.


• Helped to promote sustainability and environmental concerns such as 'Tidy Wales' through facilitating student action and community engagement.


• Helped professional bodies to develop project management professionalism, and to develop, assure and enhance the quality of their qualifications or knowledge-based products.


• Strived to create or add value for any individual or organisation that we work with, either as consultants or as project professionals.

Our clients or beneficiaries include:

The Association for Project Management (APM)


The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)


The British Computer Society (BCS) Project Management Specialist Group (PROMS-G)


Cystic Fibrosis Trust


Eternal Wedding Studios


LAM Action


The Noah's Ark Appeal


Sport Relief


Tidy Wales


The Campaign to End Loneliness


Trinity Childcare and Family Centre


Welsh Liberal Democrats

Our Offer:

Could we offer you or your organisation educational, event management or other consultancy services that will deliver value and business benefits?


Could we help you or your organisation successfully deliver an event or project, or develop your project management capability?


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