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Political and Community Activities

My community interests and political values include protecting the environment, advocating sustainable development and community regeneration, childcare and early years education, improving green transport options, addressing poverty and climate change in line with sustainable development principles, enabling effective education policy to create opportunities for all, supporting the arts and creative industries, creating local employment prospects, and improving the quality of life of older people.


I work with a local charity (where I am a Trustee) on enhancing the community of Ynysowen - this is through a £1m community development programme. I am active on the steering group and chair the Communications Sub-Group.


I represent a range of cultural values, perspectives and community interests and was Chair & Communications Coordinator for of the South Wales East Valleys (SWEV) Liberal Democrats from 2015 to 2017. Effective policy-making for real and sustainable change matters to me, and I strive to ensure that publicly funded projects, programmes and institutions in Wales can deliver on their priorities and objectives at a time when liberalism is truly needed. 


As a former Diversity Officer for the Welsh Liberal Democrats (2013-2016), I championed initiatives to make the party more diverse, inclusive and more representative of the views of our diverse modern society. I am currently Vice Chair of the Finance & Management Committee with a particular focus on infrastructure, resources and people development.  


I stood as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in Castle Point in 2010, Islwyn in 2015 and as a Prospective Assembly Candidate in Blaenau Gwent in 2016. I have been involved in Lib Dem election campaigns in South Wales, Watford, Northampton and St. Albans as a local party activist.


I believe strongly in professional values and personal integrity, and the need for politicians to be representative, trusted and effective. Sadly, the instutions in Wales are no strangers to wasting taxpayers' money and sometimes pushing dubious policies just to win votes. And recent scandals show just how the political culture has evolved to the extent that people have had enough. 


I believe that politics can and should make a positive difference to people's lives, and that politicians should act on what they believe instead of saying and doing things just to get them elected. I am not convinced that aggressive tribal party politics is the best way to achieve real and lasting benefits, and support the forming of 'poliical partnerships' (such as the More United movement) that sees people working together effectively to deliver change and lasting positive outcomes for our diverse communities, no matter what political party they choose to vote for. 


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