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Research and Publications

Current Research Interests:


Mega-Event Project Management, Project Corruption, Project Professionalism, Gender and Diversity Issues in Project Management, Regeneration and Community Development


Research/Consultancy Outputs:


All Quiet on the Ethical Front: Behaviour and Professionalism in Project Management’, Presentation to BCS Mid Wales Branch (at University of Aberystwyth, Oct 2014) – keynote session repeated at BCS PROMS-G in London on 9th December 2015, BCS Northampton Branch on 8th October 2016.


‘Competence and the Curriculum’, APM Education Forum (University of Coventry, Sept 2014)


D’Cruz, B; Pinkney, J.; (2014), Project Corruption: Implications for Future Research in Project Management, presented at Emerging Themes in Business Research Conference, May 1st (University of South Wales, Newport), ISSN 2049 2937


D’Cruz, B.; (2013), IT Project Failure: Why the Project Manager is Not Solely To Blame, Project Manager Today, May 2013


Wilkinson, D.; D’Cruz, B.; (2012), Effective Project Management: Does Gender Matter?, Women in Society, Volume 4, Autumn 2012, pp.38-45, ISSN 2042-7220.


Glover, A.; D’Cruz, B.; (2011), The Impact of Welsh Government Policy on Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship in Higher Education - seminar at the Society for Research in Higher Education conference, Celtic Manor (Newport), December 2011, proceedings on CD-Rom.


D’Cruz, B.; Osipova, D.; (2011), Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC): The Implications for Higher Education Institutions in the Russian Federation, Contemporary Higher Education: Innovative Aspects (ИННОВАЦИИ И ПРОБЛЕМЫ В МИРОВОМ ОБРАЗОВАТЕЛЬНОМ ПРОСТРАНСТВЕ), No.2, pp.43-48, ISSN 2071-9620.


Dobson, A.; Hedderman, M.; D’Cruz, B.; (2011), Opening the Conceptual Gateway: A Multi-Faceted Approach to Transformational Learning in a Business School Context, Researching Transformative Learning: Explorations in Education for Sustainable Development, Internationalisation and Citizenship, Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LATHE), Issue 5, pp.114-130, ISSN 1742-240X.


D’Cruz, B.; Glover, A.; Dobson, A.; Hedderman, M.; (2010), From Data to Wisdom: Towards the Maturation of Sustainability in Welsh HE Institutions through Effective Strategic Alignment, SRHE Annual Research Conference on ‘Where is the Wisdom we have lost in Knowledge?’; Exploring Meaning, Identities and Transformation in Higher Education’, December 14th - 16th 2010, Celtic Manor (Newport), proceedings on CD-Rom.


D’Cruz, B.; Domin, A.; (2010), Event Project Management: Helping to Realise Legacy Benefits at London 2012, LINK 26: Olympic and Paralympic Games, November 2010, pp.9-10:


D’Cruz, B.; Hedderman, M.; Dobson, A.; (2009), Actions Speak Louder Than Learning Outcomes: Developing Sustainable Behaviour through HE Policy and Curriculum Design, SRHE Annual Research Conference on ‘Challenging Higher Education: Knowledge, Policy and Practice’, December 8th - 10th 2009, Celtic Manor (Newport), proceedings on CD-Rom.


D’Cruz, B.; Davies, P.; (2009), Olympic Countdown: Lasting Legacy, APM Project, Aug/Sept 09, vol.21, issue 10, pp.18-20.


D’Cruz, B.; Hameed, S.; (2009), Internet Development Opportunities for Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises in Ukraine, Proceedings of 12th IBIMA Conference on ‘Creating Global Economies through Innovation and Knowledge Management’, June 29th - 30th 2009, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ISBN 978-0-9821489-1-4, included in Life Science Journal (2012), vol.9, no.3.


D’Cruz, B.; Phippen, A.; (2009), The Greening of Computing and ICT Curriculum: Challenges and Directions, in Haslett, S.; Rowlands, H., (eds.), Linking Research and Teaching in Higher Education, Proceedings of the Newport NEXUS Conference, June 15-16, pp.13-20, ISBN 978-1-899274-38-3.


Hedderman, M.; Dobson, A.; D’Cruz, B.; (2009), Sustainability and Global Citizenship as part of Curriculum Design in Higher Education: What Approach Works in Changing the Actual Behaviour of Today’s Students/Tomorrow’s Decision Makers, in Haslett, S.; Rowlands, H., (eds.), Linking Research and Teaching in Higher Education, Proceedings of the Newport NEXUS Conference, June 15th – 16th 2009, pp.21-26, ISBN 978-1-899274-38-3.


D’Cruz, B.; Gaus, A.; Chojnacka, M.; (2009), European Football Championships: Preparing for Poland-Ukraine 2012, Project Manager Today, April, pp.17-18.


Rugg, G.; D’Cruz, B.; Foreman- Peck, L.; Grimshaw, E.; Guilford, S.; Roberts, D.; Tonglet, M.; (2008), Selection and Use of Elicitation Techniques for Education Research, International Journal of Information and Operations Management Education, 2 (3), pp.235-254, ISSN 1744-2303.


D’Cruz, B.; (2008), Offshore IT Outsourcing and Transition Economies: A Comparison of Ukraine, Poland and Hungary, in Rajmanohar, T.P.; (ed.), IT Outsourcing Emerging Trends, India: ICFAI University Press, pp. 172-192, ISBN 81-314-1275-4


D’Cruz, B.; (2007), Offshore IT Outsourcing and Transition Economies: A Critical Comparison of Poland, Hungary and Ukraine, 5th Critical Management Studies Conference, Manchester, July 13th-15th


D’Cruz, B; (2006), “It’s Vital to get the Right Person in the Right Job”, Business Week in the Chronicle & Echo, Jan 17th, p.5


D’Cruz, B.; Zatolyuk, S.; Buczek, M.; (2005), Offshore IT Outsourcing and Transition Economies: A Comparison of Poland and Ukraine, presented at the International Scientific Conference on ‘Can the Transitional and Development Economies Ever Catch Up?’, Krakow, Poland, September 20th to 21st 2005, ISBN 83-916937-2-4


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Henderson, H.; D'Cruz, B.; (2004), The Role of Virtual Communities in English Premier League Football, in Virtual Enterprises and Collaborative Networks, Proceedings of PROVE 04, Toulouse, France, August 23-27 2004, pp. 357-366, ISBN 1-4020-8138-3


D’Cruz, B.; (2004), “Amateurs Need More Help from Business”, Business Week in the Chronicle and Echo, October 18th, p.5


Matthews, H.; Armstrong, S.; Sullivan, E.; McIntyre-Bhatty, T.; D'Cruz, B.; Prout, R.; Johnson, J.; Maloney, B.; (2004), Graduate Retention in Northamptonshire (GRIN), Final Report

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